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5 ways to reduce food waste this summer

It’s official - the season of endless sunshine and scorching temperatures has started here in the UAE!

Whether you love or hate the summer, I’m sure we can all agree that there’s plenty to enjoy, from the refreshing water parks to the relaxing spas and at-home air con.

But while you’re making the most of sunny season, we can’t forget about our food.

With things heating up, there’s no doubt that we’ll start seeing groceries ripening faster and smaller appetites leaving lots more leftovers. 

So, how do we reduce food waste in summer? Check out our 5 essential tips below.

1. Rethink the way you eat

Let’s be honest - no one wants to spend hours over a hot stove in a scorching summer.

Be realistic about what you’ll eat this season and you can really cut back on food waste at home.

Rather than shopping for recipes that require baking or roasting then changing your plans at the last minute, think ahead and choose meals that are quick and easy to put together with little or no cooking time. 

It’s also worth remembering that we often have smaller appetites in hot weather. Keep an eye on how much you’re eating so you can reduce portion sizes - and the length of your shopping list! - in the weeks to come.

2. Change your shopping habits

It’s no secret that food spoils faster in hotter weather. Unfortunately that means the big weekly food shop might not actually last all week - those bits in your fruit bowl are likely to go bad before it’s time to restock.

This summer, try switching your big food shop for a smaller one every few days.

Here’s the ‘but’… You'll have to resist impulse buying more often. 

Before you head to the store, check what food you already have, write a list of the items that you need, and make sure you stick to that list when you’re shopping. 

3. Store food correctly

Soaring temperatures means groceries spoil faster, so it’s important to keep them fresh if you want to avoid food waste.

Start by remembering the basics:

  • Don’t leave food out for too long.

  • Keep food covered.

  • Make sure your fridge and freezer are at the right temperature - around 3°C for the fridge and -18°C for the freezer.

  • Don’t keep food that spoils easily close to the fridge/freezer door - the temperature fluctuates most here.

There are plenty of ways to keep specific foods fresher for longer, like storing fresh herbs in a glass of water in the fridge, and not washing berries until you eat them. 

And, let’s not forget the ethylene problem. Items like bananas, apples and tomatoes naturally produce ethylene gas which can make other fruit and veg ripen faster. Store ethylene-sensitive food - like grapes, kiwis and peaches - separately to items that produce it to keep everything fresher for longer.

In this heat, you might also want to keep more items in the fridge than normal. For example, if certain items usually have a home in your fruit bowl, move them to the fridge instead and take them out in the morning of the day you’d like to eat them.

4. Make your freezer your best friend

Not only does it keep all the chilled treats to help you beat the heat, but it’s a food waste hero too.

If you have lots of fruit you won’t use within a couple of days, peel it, chop it, freeze it, and voilà - you’ll always have fresh fruit at the ready! Plus, they make a great base for smoothies, desserts and refreshing drinks.

Speaking of refreshing drinks… Freeze leftover citrus fruits in your ice cubes. It might sound strange, but trust us - they’ll add a lovely hint of flavour to a glass of water, perfect for keeping you hydrated in the hot weather.

5. Make summer food go further

Having a summer dinner party? Tell guests to bring tupperware so they can bring any extra portions home.

Still left with lots of food? Invite family round for a movie or games night and serve the most delicious leftovers feast.


For the day-to-day, just make sure to keep an eye on your groceries. If something looks like it's about to go bad, get creative by transforming it into your favourite snacks, like veggie crisps and dips for that family movie night, or chilled summer treats like sorbet and ice cream, juice and smoothies, fruit salad and ice lollies

There are plenty of ways that your seasonal fruit and veg can help you stay cool this summer, so check out our recipes page for more inspiration.


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