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Best Veganuary 2024 recipes, as told by you!

Veganuary 2024 is coming to a close, and so is the challenge to switch your diet.

But that doesn’t mean your venture into delicious, plant-based cuisine has to end - and, by the looks of things, you don’t want it to! 

All you food waste heroes seem to have loved this year’s easy Veganuary recipes, and I can’t say we’re surprised.

From the delicious fresh veggies to the incredible flavours you can enjoy in vegan dishes, it’s no wonder they’re so popular!

Whether you’re planning to keep your vegan diet or you just enjoy the occasional plant-based meal, we rounded up the most loved Veganuary recipes from our blog so you can keep coming back to them again and again.

2024 is only just getting started and there’s still plenty of time to make it the year of great food and great cooking. So go ahead, get stuck in and really make the most of these easy vegan recipes. 

1.MLeek and fennel gratin

Combining the freshness of tomatoes and olives with the crunchy texture of seeds and pine nuts, this side dish is just *chef’s kiss*.

It’s nice to know you agree, since this is your favourite HeroGo recipe of Veganuary 2024!

The perfect side dish for a Sunday roast, there’s nothing not to love.

2. Fennel and courgette soup 

Making the most of the flavours in delicious fresh fennel, this recipe is a real must-try.

The best part? It’s super easy to make! It might take a little while, but the oven and hob do most of the work, so you can enjoy the most stunning dish with minimal effort.

Great for meal prep or a hearty lunch on a cooler afternoon, all it needs is a chunk of crusty bread to add the perfect finishing touch.

3. Roast veg with quinoa 

You really can’t go wrong with a bowl full of hearty roast veg, and this gorgeous recipe is here to prove it!

Packed with wholesome ingredients and delicious fresh flavours, it’s the perfect plant-based lunch or side dish.

It’s a great chance to get creative in the kitchen too, since you can easily adapt it with any herbs or veggies you have lying around.

4. Lentil stew

Hearty dinners don’t get much better than stew, and this vegan one is certainly popular.

Bringing together nutritious roasted veggies with tasty lentils, it’s a super simple dish that’ll be a real hit around the dinner table.

One taste of the delicious, rich flavours and you can’t help but go back for more!

5. Agua de guayaba

This gorgeous drink only needs three ingredients, so really, there’s no reason not to try it!

Created from a simple Mexican recipe, agua de guayaba is full of natural goodness and - best of all - it creates very little food waste.

Offering stunning tropical flavours that are so sweet and refreshing, this drink is perfect for enjoying in summer, winter and every season inbetween.


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