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Fun veggie bugs recipe

This recipe from The Decorated Cookie is great for enjoying a fun afternoon in the kitchen with the kids.

The best part? It might even get them wanting to eat their vegetables!

Encourage the little ones to come up with their own creepy crawly creations and add them to your cute veggie bug collection.


Prep time: 10 minutes

Ladybug ingredients: 


Edible marker or balsamic glaze

Lettuce leaves

Raisins or black olives

Dragonfly ingredients: 



Raisins or black olives

Ladybug instructions:

  1. Wash and dry the tomatoes.

  2. Use the edible marker or balsamic glaze to add small dots on the tomatoes for the ladybug’s spots.

  3. Place the tomato on a lettuce leaf.

  4. Arrange a raisin or black olive in front of the tomato for the head.

Dragonfly instructions: 

  1. Arrange 4 or 5 peas in a row for the body.

  2. Slice 4 pieces of carrot for the wings, and arrange near the top of the body.

  3. At the top of the body, add two small pieces of raisin or olive as the eyes.

Storage tips

We recommend eating these veggie bugs straight away.


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