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How your fresh produce delivery is saving the world

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Food waste is a huge global issue - it’s destroying the planet.

The facts and figures are staggering, and they may be hard to swallow, but that’s why we need to act fast.

That’s what makes your food delivery so important.

The facts about food waste

The issue begins straight from production, with around 68% of the food produced globally not reaching consumers.

While there’s a huge list of reasons contributing to this - poor storage facilities in farms, pest infestations, mould ruining crops... - one of the biggest factors is simply cosmetic reasons.

Purely because this piece of fruit is ‘too big’, that one is ‘too small’ and the other is a ‘funny shape’, supermarkets won’t always agree to purchase this produce from farmers.

Not only does this cause fresh fruit and veg to go to waste, but it also means that the land, water, energy and other resources used to grow it has gone to waste as well.

This statistic is equally shocking when you consider that, while all this is being thrown away, over 800 million people are suffering from severe malnutrition.

To put this into perspective, 1.3 billion tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year, and that could feed 3 billion people - that’s more than enough to provide for the total malnourished population twice over.

On top of that, this waste increases greenhouse gas emissions by 8% as well.

This means that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitter in the world, after the US and China.

At the moment, this is a burden that producers and farmers are left to bear. But, because food waste is the easiest issue to address in our fight against climate change, we can all do our bit to help.

How your produce delivery helps to prevent food waste

By ordering a box of ‘ugly’ fruit and veg from EroeGo, you’re helping to save the world.

To start, we’ll rescue those ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables right at the source, from growers and producers.

This helps to reduce the amount of food that’s being wasted before it even reaches supermarket shelves.

Other than their ‘ugly’ appearance, this food is perfectly delicious and good to eat. In fact, a lot of it is fresher than the fruit and veg you’ll find in average shops because it won’t have been stored for as long.

But, it’s because of their odd appearance that we’re able to make this high-quality produce more accessible and affordable to you - we actually sell this food up to 45% cheaper than standard grocery stores.

Next, we’ll deliver it straight to your door for free, in the quickest, most eco-friendly way possible.

And, for every box delivered, we’ll also plant a tree to help make the world greener again.

So, not only does your grocery order reduce the amount of food going to waste, but it prevents the water, land, energy and resources that were used to grow it from being wasted too.

It also helps you enjoy fresh groceries for less, and because they’re delivered right to your door, it’s convenient as well.

Just a few small changes make a huge difference. That’s why we believe that if we all do our bit, we can help prevent hunger and protect the planet, one carrot at a time.


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