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Lettuce Educate You!

During the cooler season we got to visit a handful of farms and see first hand the amount of veggies that end up going to waste.

An unbe-leaf-able sight!

Fields full of veggies like this lettuce that would never make it to supermarkets or homes. Scattered all over like a salad gone wild, simply because they were too small for those picky supermarket standards! Can you be-leaf it?

With the constant pressure for crop turnover and maximising land value, these lettuce heads were destined to end up in landfills, as the fields needed to be cleared for the next batch of veggies.

This honestly surprised us as we couldn't help and see the benefits of these small but cute lettuce heads.

"Too small?" we thought "perfect fit for a family of two!"

It's about time we rewire our minds and reevaluate our shopping habits.

Why do we often feel compelled to buy "bigger," assuming it's always the "better value"?

Let's STOP and THINK!

Do you really need that 7 kg head of lettuce when it's just you and your partner? Is most of it going to go to waste? Does that then make it better value? Maybe not.

Embracing the small and celebrating the imperfect can lead to big changes! By choosing these overlooked, adorable veggies, we are not only helping to combat food waste but also support hardworking farmers who work tirelessly to nurture their crops.

In conclusion, it's undeniably crucial for supermarkets to step up and make changes in their approach to food standards, giving a fair chance to all veggies, big or small. But let's not forget the power we, as consumers, hold in shaping the food industry too.

By adjusting our mindsets and rethinking our shopping habits, we can become catalysts for positive change. Embrace the imperfections and celebrate the unique beauty of all veggies. Remember, it's not just about maybe not buying the 7 kg head of lettuce when you're a family of two, but about making mindful choices that reduce food waste and support sustainable practices.


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