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Stop clicking around! Shopping’s simple with HeroGo

Is it just us, or did the food shop get WAY too complicated?

We’re done with wasting our weekends in supermarket aisles, or scrolling through online stores only to add the same things to our basket every. single. week.

That’s why we made shopping with HeroGo so much simpler.

All you have to do is order once in just a few clicks, then you can sit back, relax and make the most of your weekends again.

We’ll automatically deliver fresh, sustainable groceries to your door every week, so all you have to do is savor that unboxing moment!

How it works

You only need to order once in just a few clicks

We deliver your food every 1 or 2 weeks

Groceries sent right to your door with FREE delivery

Enjoy your unboxing moment!

Discover a unique selection of fresh fruit & veg each week

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Meet our sustainable groceries

We have three different boxes to choose from - a veg box, a fruit box, or a fruit & veg box - and all the groceries inside are rescued.

What does that mean? Well, we partner with producers, farmers and wholesalers, and when they have fresh fruit and veg that will be wasted because there’s too much of it, or they’re a funny shape or size, we use them in our boxes instead.

This is our way of helping you fight food waste in the UAE, so we can all do our bit to protect the planet - and it means we can make fresh, healthy groceries cheaper for you, as well.

Need a little more? Here are all the benefits…

Quick & easy grocery shopping

Save up to 30% on your weekly shop

Get FREE delivery right to your door

Automatically delivered every 1 or 2 weeks

Great variety of fresh fruit & veg

Help to save food & the planet

Recipe inspiration every week

No strings attached

Cancel any time

For every box delivered, we provide meals for 2 people facing hunger in the UAE

What our customers think…

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