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The Best Apps Preventing Food Waste

Food waste is a huge global issue that has devastating consequences on the environment and the economy.

It’s very serious in the UAE at the moment, with the GCC being among the biggest food wasters in the world.

In the UAE alone, 1 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, costing the country around $4.2 billion annually.

That being said, it’s something that’s happening all over the world.

In fact, one-third of all the food produced doesn’t reach consumers and, each year we waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food globally.

With that in mind, it’s an issue that should be tackled everywhere, from all angles.

It’s encouraging, then, that so many entrepreneurs from all over the world are focusing their efforts on helping to prevent food waste.

Whether it’s EroeGo ‘providing an online grocery platform’ in the UAE, the CozZo kitchen management app from Bulgaria, or the MyFoodways recipe app from Switzerland, there are so many innovative tools available to help us tackle the problem from the comfort of our own homes.

Find out more about EroeGo and the other apps helping to fight food waste over on Food Tank.


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