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Back To School Lunch Tips!

We all know that whipping up a lunch that's both yummy and nutritious for your little ones requires a dash of planning and a sprinkle of imagination.

As awesome parents, our mission is clear: we want those lunchtime bites to be as scrumptious as they are healthy.

So, get ready to dive into this guide where we spill the beans on five super cool tips to supercharge your child's lunchbox game! From keeping fruits fresh to letting your kiddo call the shots, these tricks aren't just about food – they're about having fun and eliminating food waste!

1. Keep Those Large Fruit Fresh! To preserve larger fruit that need to be cut up and placed in the lunchbox, dip them in salt water or add some lemon juice.

2.Get Them Involved!

Try involving your child in choosing what goes in to their lunch box. give them options! They are more likely to eat something they chose.


Reuse those leftovers from the night before.

4.Don't over pack their lunch boxes!

Learn how long their lunch periods are and how much time they actually have to eat during lunch.

5.Encourage sharing!

Teach your child the importance of sharing and not wasting food. If they have surplus food, encourage them to share with friends

Remember, packed lunches can be an exciting and delicious way to reduce your food waste and a quality way to get your child interested in a whole variety of new foods. Happy Back to School!


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