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30 healthy meals for your 30X30 challenge

Ready to step up your health kick? Great, because the Dubai Fitness Challenge is just around the corner!

For the seventh year in a row, the city-wide event is encouraging us to lace up our trainers, grab our water bottles and do 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days.

The Dubai 30X30 challenge will last from the 28th October 2023 to the 26th November 2023 with tons of events and free activities helping us be more active across the month.

Being healthy isn’t just about the exercise though - eating the right food is just as important.

So, to get you ready, we’ve handpicked our favourite HeroGo recipes that'll help you get the most out of your 30X30 workouts.

From healthy dinner ideas to meal prep meals and healthy breakfasts, these dishes are tasty, packed with all the good stuff, and they’re great for using the fruit and veg in your grocery delivery too.

Good luck, and bon appétit!

Day 1 - 28th October

Start the challenge in the right way with a delicious autumn breakfast bowl full of seasonal fruits.

Day 2 - 29th October

Perfect for bringing to your lunchtime workout, this moreish sandwich is packed with fresh roasted veggies.

Day 3 - 30th October

Choose a healthy leek soup with hidden potatoes for an added energy boost.

Day 4 - 31st October

A Halloween-inspired recipe is a must, so try this homemade pumpkin hummus. It goes great with your favourite bread and fresh veggies.

Day 5 - 1st November

Fuel your next workout with fusilli or penne in this tasty mushroom pasta dish.

Day 6 - 2nd November

Bite into these fresh courgette boats for a fun way to enjoy healthy food.

Day 7 - 3rd November

You always have to finish with something sweet, so let’s end week one with these easy date and oat bites.

Day 8 - 4th November

Enjoy another nutritious breakfast to start week two. Prepare these overnight oats in advance so you can grab and go on the way to your morning workout.

Day 9 - 5th November

Protein is just what you need for building muscle, and this tasty tortilla is full of it.

Day 10 - 6th November

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, and this sweet & savoury salad is here to prove it.

Day 11 - 7th November

A healthy twist on a classic dish, you don’t want to miss these mouth-watering beetroot burgers.

Day 12 - 8th November

A superfood curry is just what you need to end an exercise-filled afternoon.

Day 13 - 9th November

Add your favourite source of protein to this delicious veggie stew to really get the most out of your workouts.

Day 14 - 10th November

Enjoy your weekly dose of healthy treats with these unbeatable sweet potato cookies.

Day 15 - 11th November

Re-energise with these vegan pancakes topped with all your favourite fruits.

Day 16 - 12th November

Whip up this easy pasta salad for ultimate performance in your next workout.

Day 17 - 13th November

Join the trend and choose a protein packed burrito bowl for a nutritious meal you’ll love.

Day 18 - 14th November

Satisfy those takeout cravings with this gorgeous veggie flatbread pizza.

Day 19 - 15th November

Have you tried cauliflower rice yet? It’s quick and easy to make, and it goes great in these delicious stuffed peppers.

Day 20 - 16th November

With a healthy dose of carbs and protein, this chicken pasta bake will fill you with energy for your next workout.

Day 21 - 17th November

Treat yourself - you deserve it! Something to look forward to after today’s exercise, this lovely courgette cake uses fresh veg to create a healthier version of your favourite sweet.

Day 22 - 18th November

If you love a fruity breakfast, this refreshing smoothie bowl could become your new favourite dish.

Day 23 - 19th November

A protein packed meal is just what you need to see results, so choose this tasty plant-based Buddha bowl.

Day 24 - 20th November

Up your salad game with this delicious green salad filled with sautéed veg and a simple yet refreshing dressing.

Day 25 - 21st November

Super healthy and super tasty, these veggie skewers make a great lunch or side dish.

Day 26 - 22nd November

The perfect midweek meal, this aubergine traybake is easy to throw together between the work day and your workout session.

Day 27 - 23rd November

A great way to use your leftover veggies, this zero-waste stir fry tastes incredible with your favourite source of protein. What will you add?

Day 28 - 24th November

Only a couple of days left! Keep up the great work by curbing junk food cravings with these delicious cauliflower nuggets.

Day 29 - 25th November

Ready for the last couple of workouts? Get the energy you need to see them through with this quick and easy veg and rice dish.

Day 30 - 26th November

Finish on a high note with these beautiful fruity muffins filled with fresh strawberries and apples.

Don’t forget to sign up to the Dubai Fitness Challenge here.


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